Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse

The Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse  (RCCASA)

is a coalition of community leaders dedicated to the development and support of policies and programs that enhance the growth, safety and well-being of Ridgefield youth and families, especially in the area of preventing substance abuse.

RCCASA was started in 2005, in response to community events, and has adapted and changed over the past decade, collaborating with Ridgefield organizations and community groups that support its mission to make Ridgefield healthier and safer.

RCCASA is co-chaired by First Selectman Rudy Marconi and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Susie DaSilva.  RCCASA employs a Coalition Coordinator ([email protected]).

2020 RCCASA members include leaders from:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield
  • Ridgefield Police Department
  • Ridgefield PTA
  • Ridgefield Youth Services Bureau
  • Ridgefield Social Services
  • Project Resilience
  • Ridgefield Prevention Council
  • Ridgefield Youth Commission
  • Clergy Association
  • Parent leaders
  • Silver Hill Hospital Community Liaison 

There are several community groups under the RCCASA umbrella; these groups work independently with the support and guidance of RCCASA by sponsoring events, supporting programs, and providing valuable resources.

  • The Ridgefield Prevention Council supports a safe and healthy environment for all of Ridgefield’s families through awareness, education and positive alternatives to alcohol and other substance use in an effort to reduce high-risk youth behaviors. The RPC website has a comprehensive Substance abuse prevention and treatment resource page.
  • The Ridgefield Youth Commission advocates for the youth of Ridgefield to ensure community development of youth services. The goal of the Commission is to foster positive youth development throughout the community and to enrich the lives of the youth and their families in the Town of Ridgefield. 
  • Project Resilience seeks to encourage the development of programs that promote the social and emotional growth and resilience of children and adolescents in Ridgefield. Find Project Resilience on facebook. Email: [email protected] 

RCCASA also supports the Parent Circle Program, a free parent education and support program for parents of children in key transition grades (K, 5th, 8th).  The program is facilitated by Doug Barile, LMFT.  Parent Circles are held at the Ridgefield Library and Registration is via the Ridgefield Library. 

For more information about RCCASA or any of the programs and groups under its umbrella, contact the RCCASA Coalition Coordinator: [email protected]  (203) 431-1893