Ridgefield Historical Society

About Us

Ridgefield is rich in history, but unlike neighboring communities, for most of its existence it had no active historical society - a central location for collecting, preserving and interpreting materials that document the history of the town. In 2001 that gap was filled by the newly-formed Ridgefield Historical Society. 

The Society occupies the Scott House, a reconstructed 1714 saltbox on town land at the corner of Sunset Lane and Grove Street, facing a small park. It is open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.


Some of the services the society provides to the community are:

  • Collecting and Cataloging: 
    Forming a reference library of manuscripts, photos, records and books relating to the history of Ridgefield.
  • Archival Storage: 
    Providing a climate-controlled storage area for holding and protecting original documents.
  • Town-wide Data Base:
    Maintaining a list of the historical documents and materials that exist at other sites in Ridgefield.
  • Oral History: 
    Recording the recollections of older residents and preparing transcripts for use by researchers.
  • Working with Schools:
    Helping local students examine documents and learn about the history of Ridgefield.
  • Historic Preservation: 
    Updating and disseminating information on Ridgefield's historic buildings and sites.
  • Helping Researchers: 
    Assisting genealogists and others who seek information about old Ridgefield and its residents.
  • Programs:
    Sponsoring exhibits, lectures and workshops at the Scott House and at other sites.
  • Publications: 
    Publishing the results of individual research and offering for sale books such as Five Village Walks and Images of Ridgefield.

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