Vacancies for Town Commissions & Committees


Architectural Advisory Committee: provides timely opinions and advice to the Planning & Zoning Commission for the purpose of assisting the Commission in its responsibility to ensure that the proposed exterior contained in applications pending before the Planning & Zoning Commission harmonize with the New England character of Ridgefield, its constituent neighborhoods and surrounding uses; protect property values; and preserve and improve the Town's appearance and beauty. Vacancy - 2 alternate (four-year term)

Blight Citation Hearing Appeals Board: hears the cases of those who have received Blight violations and wish to appeal them.  Vacancy -1 

Cable TV Advisory Council: three town council (Bethel, Ridgefield, Danbury) to address cable issues. Vacancy - 2 (four-year term)

Commission for Accessibility: review the needs of the disabled of the Town and recommend policies to the Board of Selectpersons or other boards and commissions duly empowered to implement them. Vacancy - 5 (two-year term)

Commission on Aging: to study the needs of the elderly and coordinate municipal programs to meet those needs. Vacancy - 1 (three-year term)

Deer Management Implementation Committee: to foster a collaborative approach to managing the region's abundant deer population and reducing its impact on ecological integrity, public health and safety. Vacancy - 1 (four-year term)

Graveyard Restoration Committee: to maintain and restore old cemeteries. Vacancy - 1 (four-year term)

Golf Committee: acts as the Selectperson's agent in matters related to the Ridgefield Golf Course. Vacancy - 1 (four-year term)

Parking Authority: responsible for establishing rules and regulations for the parking of motor vehicles within the Town. Vacancy - 2 (one-year term)

Parks & Rec Commission: oversee a full-time Director, and have jurisdiction over all Town parks and recreational facilities, including implementation of recreational programs. They determine policy for the department, review the annual budget, participate in special committees and regular meetings. Vacancy - 2 (three-year term)

Pension Commission: responsible for the planning and management of a pension system for municipal employees, and shall have powers and duties in accordance with the General Statutes and applicable ordinances. Vacancy - 1 (three-year term)

Ridgefield Arts Council: to generate attention for and collaboration between members of our vibrant arts community.  Their mission is to inform, entertain, and inspire those who appreciate and create art in all its genres. Vacancy - 3 (four-year term)

Ridgefield Prevention Council: dedicated to providing information and education to our community in an effort to support families and reduce high-risk behaviors in our youth population. Vacancy - 1 (four-year term)

Youth Commission: acts as an advocate for the youth of Ridgefield, and ensures participation, planning and development by the community of youth services. Vacancy - 8 (two-year term)